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2024 Yamaha MT-09 Breaks Cover, Officially


The updated 2024 Yamaha MT-09 has been revealed.

The MT-09 is one of the best-selling naked motorcycle the world over by offering performance, low weight, styling (albeit controversial) in an affordable package. Yamaha is not resting on their laurels, hence updating it for 2024 with improved technology, new chassis components, and styling tweaks. Oh, it has some aural features too.


The most obvious update is its styling after the last exercise in 2021. However, the last updated headlamp unit was not warmly received. It was either you loved it or hated it.

Gone is the bug-eyed cyclops headlamp for 2024. Now, a rectangular LED projector headlight takes its position, while flanked with two LED positioning lamps. In fact, the entire headlamp unit has changed to which Yamaha says is more harmonious with the fuel tank.

Speaking of the tank, Yamaha has also reworked its styling to be sharper with more defined edges for a better riding position. As for those speaker vents, yes, they do emit sounds. Not your favourite songs, however, instead they allow more induction howl to come through from the air intakes. The airbox itself features revised intake trumpets to cut back on high frequency sounds while maintain a linear throttle response.

Other revisions include a new radially-mounted Brembo front brake master cylinder, revised riding position, new rear brake and gear levers, split seats (finally), revised fork settings, and new rear shock linkage to provide a better feel when cornering.

The 2024 Yamaha MT-09 sells for £10,100 in the UK.

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