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2024 Vespa Primavera and Sprint S Review | First Look 

2024 Vespa Primavera 50 in Arancio Impulsivo

Vespa has updated its two “small body” scooters – the 2024 Vespa Primavera and the 2024 Vespa Sprint S. Both models get freshened styling while maintaining a classic Vespa character, and both are available with either a gas-powered engine or an electric motor. These two Vespas also come in a wide range of trim levels and colors. 

2024 Vespa Sprint S 50 in Blue Eclettico

The Vespa Primavera and Sprint originally emerged in the mid-1960s. In 2013, Vespa brought back the Primavera as a “small body” scooter with a focus on accessibility, urban convenience, and style. The Vespa Sprint was reintroduced in 2014 as the more fun-loving and youthful of the small-body scooters. Both scooters are built on a full steel body and share many components, with the major differences between the two coming in the form of styling touches and color options. 

2024 Vespa Primavera 50 in Verde Amabile

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Updates for 2024 include new switchgear, new hand grips, and a new front shield. Also new are the wheels, with the Primavera having five spokes and the Sprint S having six. The seat has been updated with new materials. 

2024 Vespa Sprint S 50 in Rosso Coraggioso

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Most of the upgrades to the Vespa Primavera and Sprint S come from the electronics department. A new instrument panel combines an analog speedometer with a 3-inch LCD screen, which shows a tripmeter, fuel consumption, and average and max speed. The LCD instrumentation also permits the rider to connect to a smartphone. Smartphone connectivity comes as standard on the Vespa Primavera Tech and is available as an option on the rest of the models. In the 150cc version, the Vespa Primavera Tech options package adds a 5-inch TFT display that can show phone calls, messages, and music information once connected to a smartphone. Also new is an LED headlight, taillight, and indicators on all models. 

2024 Vespa Primavera Tech 50 in Grigio Entusiasta

Both the Vespa Primavera and the Vespa Sprint S are available with either a combustion engine or an electric motor. The combustion engine versions are available in either a 50cc or 150cc displacement with an air-cooled 4-stroke engine with three valves and electronic fuel injection. The electric option includes the Primavera Tech equipment package, which adds smartphone connectivity, a keyless system, and a 5-inch TFT display. Vespa hasn’t yet released full specifications on the electric powertrain. 

The Elettrica models will feature a battery placed under the seat.

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In line with the theme of youthful energy, these Vespas will be available in a wide range of color options. The Primavera comes with chrome finishings and is available in Bianco Innocente, Nero Convinto, Verde Amabile, Arancio Impulsivo, or Blu Enérgico. The Primavera S trim includes a different seat, finishings, and graphics and is available in Beige Avvolgente, Nero Convinto Opaco, or Giallo Curioso. The Primavera Tech option comes in Blu Energic Opaco or Grigio Entusiasta. 

2024 Vespa Primavera S 50 in Beige Avvolgente

The Vespa Sprint S is available in Bianco Innocente, Nero Convinto Opaco, Verde Ambizioso, Rosso Coraggioso, or Blu Eclettico. 

Pricing for the U.S. has not yet been announced. Visit the Vespa website for more information. 

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