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Vision Wheel Set For Sponsorship Of M4 ECSTAR Suzuki Team

Vison Wheel will sponsor the M4 ECSTAR Suzuki team in the 2022 MotoAmerica Championship.

The following is from Suzuki…

For the 42nd consecutive year, the iconic Team Hammer is racing motorcycles in the U.S., fresh from dominating the 2021 MotoAmerica Supersport Championship, and looks ready to continue to be competitive in 2022. The team, now racing as Vision Wheel M4 ECSTAR Suzuki, is fielding a talented lineup of racers across multiple classes, all racing legendary Suzuki GSX-R machinery.
One new aspect to the effort is the team’s title sponsor, Vision Wheel. A leading aftermarket custom wheel supplier for many vehicle types; the goal for Vision Wheel is to reach their present and future customers through racing.  “The people that go to the races and are all about racing, they are the Vision Wheel customer,” said Roger Minor, Vision Wheel’s CEO, “the demographics are a perfect fit for us.

“This is our 46th year and we continue to grow quite rapidly. We’ve got great wheel options for trucks, SUVs, automotive, ATV/UTV applications and Jeeps… we’re just about in every automotive and truck segment. We have strong distribution throughout the country and our products are found in thousands of stores and shops around the United States.”

Further setting apart Vision Wheel’s marketing is the Vision It AR augmented-reality smartphone app; allowing users to take a photo of their vehicle and see what it would look like with different Vision Wheels. “We’re the only aftermarket wheel company currently offering this app that we’re aware of, and it works great,” said Minor. “Users may see what their ride’s going to look like and share the upgrade with their friends.”
Vision Wheel joined the MotoAmerica race series as a sponsor last year; and now has upped its support for 2022. “For us as a company, it is all about reaching more people,” Minor continued, “getting our name out there more effectively, and becoming more of a household name for enthusiasts. We sponsored a MotoAmerica rider last year; and had a strong response. Joining forces with Team Hammer expands on that support and will help us reach our business goals. We’re on the bikes in all the classes Team Hammer competes in. We’re looking to extend our sponsorship with social media content, TV coverage and exposure with race fans at each MotoAmerica event.”
Minor credited the MotoAmerica organizers with positive growth. “I’m really happy with MotoAmerica.   Their leadership is doing a great job, and the sport is growing again in the United States. I was really excited last year with how many people were at the races. MotoAmerica is seeing attendance levels they hadn’t seen in many years.”
As a lifelong motorcyclist, Minor himself raced for fun over the years. “I was a hobby racer,” said Minor, recalling his racing days. “I raced a few years from the late 1980’s to the mid 1990’s; but I was running a company and working every day. Racing was a hobby, and I had a lot of fun doing it. It’s a passion for me. I love motorcycles and I love motorcycle racing.”
Minor felt the competitive urge a few years ago and once again took to the track. “I raced again in 2012; just as a kind of ‘bucket list’ item, coming up on 60 years old. Team Hammer helped me with a competitive bike and a couple of technicians to support me at the races. I had huge fun that year playing around as a hobby. Team Hammer has always been very well run, and it is a great relationship for us. I’ve known the guys since the 1980’s, John Ulrich and Keith Perry and other key team members.  They are very well respected.  Team Hammer is very professional and the type of organization Vision Wheel strives to be associated with.”
Another highlight for the 2022 Team Hammer sponsorship is Vision Wheel supporting a three-bike Daytona 200 race effort that includes Team Hammer racers, Richie Escalante, Sam Lochoff plus Vision’s Geoff May, all competing on defending Supersport-championship winning Suzuki GSX-R600 race bikes.

“We can’t wait to get on the grid at Daytona,” concluded Minor.

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