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Top 12 Best Aviator Motorcycle Goggles

We know that aviator motorcycle goggles do not offer the same sexiness as leathers or motorcycle helmets, but they are still a vital part of your gear collection.

Whatever the reasons you love riding off-road or you ride a motorcycle for everyday commute, you’ll need a good pair of goggles to protect, provide visibility, and of course, style.

Wind and rain are common distractions for us to wear motorcycle goggles and you’ll also want to ensure that your eyes are protected from sunlight as well.

There are hundreds of aviator goggles out there and it can be a time consuming process to click and view each of them and to choose one of them can be difficult to establish which ones are worth looking for.

The good news is that we have listed the 12 best aviator goggles for you, to ensure you can easily find one that fits your taste the most.

Then, you better start reading if you’re trying to find the best aviator motorcycle goggles out there.

#1. Vintage Aviator Goggles by Bertoni Italy

These vintage aviator goggles are especially designed for Harley Davidson and choppers. They are having a lens in polycarbonate 2,4mm anti crash and wide peripheral vision. It’s assembled in Italy, lenses are German, delivered from Italy.

The goggles do precisely what they are supposed to do- protect your eyes from the sun,  and from road debris, good fitting, and are quite comfortable and lightweight.

Designed to look like aviator goggles, they’re actually pretty stylish, too, with their yellow lenses.

SHOP HERE / $39.00

#2.Vintage Aviator Pilot Style Motorcycle Cruiser Scooter Goggle

If you prefer something a bit unique, you might want to consider the Sports Aviator Style Motorcycle Goggles. These are polycarbonate lenses and are 100% shatterproof; dense foam padding seals the lens from wind and dust. A pair of vintage motorcycle goggles may not be right for everyone but for those who are witty and fun personalities that don’t follow the dominant, these are a great choice at a comfortable price. Although they not only offer style, but also they provide protection from UV rays, are dust- and scratch-resistant and comfortable to wear.

SHOP HERE / $12.99

#3. Global Vision Red Baron Aviator Goggles

When looking for a pair of affordable goggles to use while riding on a motorcycle, Global Vision Goggles will be a good consideration for you.These goggles are made of lightweight polycarbonate and are adjustable, which keeps most of the dust and wind out of the eyes when you ride. The strap is plenty long enough. And on the outside of the frame, there are 4 small holes on each side of the lenses that should prevent the lenses from fogging up. These goggles have a better fit than some goggles that cost twice as much. They also offer very good peripheral vision too.

SHOP HERE / $13.95

#4. Black Frame Bobster Bugeye Goggles

If you are hunting the affordable aviator motorcycle goggle – you are not going to find better consideration than Bobster Goggle. While these goggles may not be as durable or protective as goggles costing several times as much, they are still exceptionally good for their price. A Bobster Bugeye goggle works well with any activity you do, whether you are in the saddle, on skis, snowboarding, or free falling. Specifically designed to fit various types of faces, the goggle’s frame cuts down on wind blasts and vibrations. In addition to providing maximum retention and security, the foam provides ultimate air movement to reduce lens fogging. These Aviator goggles don’t have a particularly fancy design, but they perform great and are actually super comfortable to wear.

SHOP HERE / $15.82

#5. Motorcycle Goggles 4-FQ Dirt Bike Goggle Motocross

These goggles are adjustable, non-slip, and have a high transparency, it resistances to scratch, anti-collision that offers comfortable fitting, and it comfortable to wear. This is our most economical suggestion compared with the others but, once you get a sense of how good these goggles are made, how comfortable they are, and how durable they are, as well as how fantastic they look, you might find it hard to compare them to anything else.

SHOP HERE / $15.99

#6. Evomosa Motorcycle Goggles

Evomosa vintage pilot goggle are designed to be close to your face and eyes, so they won’t obstruct the nose. The Black Frames are designed with racers and off-roaders in mind, but they can also be utilized for everyday riding and even for other sports. There are many different designs and options with these goggles, but their build quality and numerous features are pretty compelling. Having anti-fog features will mean that your lenses will not steam up, even in the most humid conditions; you can even switch lenses for different conditions. Looking for best motorcycle goggle for ride, Evomosa have to be considered.

SHOP HERE / $15.99

#7. Aviator Motorcycle Goggles by Cynemo

Cynemo Goggles are another set of motorcycle goggles we recommend. These are goggles you want, give you a retro look and at the same time it is comfortable and safe. They are pleasant and functional over a helmet. Pair with leather gloves and jacket. It fits glasses of almost all sizes quite comfortably and is exceptionally comfortable on the face as well. These goggles are a recent addition to a long line that has been favoured by a variety of motorcycle riders. The goggles are made of leather-lined metal frames with plastic lenses that are scratch and dust resistant.

SHOP HERE / $17.99

#8. Classic Motorcycle Compact Goggles by Halcyon

These are the most expensive motorcycle goggles in the list. It is a British motorcycle goggle hand sewn and handcrafted as a classic flying goggles style. It has UV resistant plastic lenses, made of chrome-plated polished brass and a durable leather-padded insert, the Halcyon MK49 goggles aren’t similar to the imitations you find elsewhere and metal framework encased in leather with padding. A really great feature on the strap is the silicon ribs that hold the goggles on the helmet in place. Definitely it’s not an anti-fog.

SHOP HERE / $96.95

#9. Moto 2.0 Goggles by Bitwell

Biltwell offers low-cost, high-quality clothing, with no compromises on design or quality. We are fans of Biltwell goggles. The Biltwell Moto 2.0 Goggles are where you need to begin your search if you’re looking for a wide peripheral view, comfort, and the ability to wear over your glasses. Since Biltwell Moto 2.0 motorcycle goggles are tough, durable, and ideal for a wide array of riders, they haven’t just been made to look good, since they have also been made to perform. Our favourite thing is that goggles stand out because they don’t have bright colours or other distracting design that you usually see on off-road dedicated apparel.

SHOP HERE / $40.60

#10. Motorcycle/Aviator Goggles Day/Night by Global Vision

First of all listing is for two pair of goggles, one day, and one for night, and we also consider the Aviator Goggles from Global Vision Eyewear to be among the best motorcycle goggles. The goggles did provide more protection against the cold, dry air, and my eyes did not water as much. I use them sometimes for reading and they’re about as good as my regular glasses at anti-fogging, which means any fog goes away once you start get going. This is an excellent product for the price and I would recommend you to buy them. However, if quality is more important than price, then I recommend searching for some nicer pairs.

SHOP HERE / $23.99

#11. Motorcycles Goggles by Pacific Coast

The Pacific Coast goggles are worthy of your consideration if you’re looking to try out some sleek goggles without getting a bug-eye look. These goggles are very comfortable and extremely protective, but the strap clip looks very fragile and may allow in small spots of dust and debris. They will work on a full helmet if you loosen the straps. The problem would be less problematic if the helmet was thinner. Also, a second tinted lenses would be nice. They will protect your face and glasses, and you won’t have to spend money on a separate pair of high-impact sports glasses. I recommend them.

SHOP HERE / $25.13

#12. Bobster Cruiser 2 Goggles

These goggles provide all-weather protection, are comfortable, sleek, and stylish. The Cruiser 2 is the last on our list in terms of Bobster entry. This goggle is made to be worn for all occasions, whether you’re biking off-road, riding motocross, or out on the open road. The Bobster Cruiser 2 is a quality aviator motorcycle goggle that offers better fit and protection than most goggles, and gives you the assurance of a comfortable ride. The lenses are interchangeable and amber-tinted lenses are very useful at night. The lenses are clear, amber, and smoked, so no matter the time of day or night, you will enjoy clear visibility and increased protection.

SHOP HERE / $31.48

What are the things we should know before buying motorcycle goggles?

When purchasing a pair of motorcycle goggles, there are much more considerations to be made than simply choosing a pair that looks good or matches the design and color of your bike or other riding equipment? There are so many other factors to consider, as well.

One common misconception is the idea that all motorcycle goggles are the same and are used for the same purpose. Since we discussed goggles before, there are a few different types of goggles designed for different riding environments.

If you are going off-road, street goggles will do fine, but not if they have clear lenses designed for low-light conditions.

We should know everything about the product –  just quick goggle research let you know  about the motorcycle goggle. There are 12 motorcycle goggles on our list and we are confident at least one of them will suit you perfectly. Ready to dive in?

What are the different types of Goggles available on the market?

Street Riding Goggles

People who ride scooters, motorcycles, standard bikes, and even sports enthusiasts wear goggles regularly. The goggles that these people wear tend to be quite small, and they have a slim and narrow design. You need to make some consideration – You will want that same strength, visibility, and protection that you would from off-road goggles but you will also want to consider other aspects too.

Some lenses are more suitable for low light conditions, whereas others are better during the day. And you have to consider how well ventilated they are and whether they are comfortable. They also need to be comfortable enough to wear over the prescription glasses.

Off-Road Goggles

These goggles are specifically designed for protection against hazardous conditions. They keep mud and water out of your eyes, and they are tough enough to withstand a few hits from a tree branch as well.

These goggles are perfect for dirt bike. You will experience a lot of dirt and mud, and you are going to have any number of accidents/collisions that you would not experience if on a public highway. For that reason, you should wear goggles that are both effective and have good visibility.

These qualities increase the chances of detecting foreign objects and are essential in the protection of your eyes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to buy motorcycle goggles?

Some motorcycle goggles are available from manufacturers directly, but various sites like Amazon and Revzilla may be able to offer great deals.

What are the benefits of motorcycle goggles?

They protect us from flying debris, flying bugs, mud, snow, rain, raindrops, and whatever else may be in the air that may potentially obstruct our vision and cause an accidental accident. The fact that many of you probably already know that it’s actually illegal in many states to drive on the road without a windshield or safety goggles.

No matter where you ride a dirt bike, you are required by law to wear safety goggles. With all the road debris flying around, who would really want to be without them?

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