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Phone app offers off-line maps

A satellite navigation app that has a countdown to how long a traffic light will change is now available in Australia in both Apple iOS and Android formats.

The Slovakian Sygic navigation app, used by more than 200 million motorists around the world has  was last year recognised as a CES Innovation Awards honoree.

Sygic GPS Navigation was originally only available in iOS format but is now available on the Android Auto platform as one of the first non-Google navigation alternatives, offering the benefit of offline maps. 

Apart from off-line maps, it also offers voice navigation through a helmet bluetooth intercom and quick connection to some modern motorcycle instrument panels.

It also indicates real-time traffic reports such as jams, crashes and roadworks, as well as speed limit warnings.

How the countdown works

The Traffic Lights countdown add-on does not trigger a green light.

That’s a particular issue with riders whose motorcycles may not be large enough to be detected by the induction loop cut into the pavement. Click here to read more about triggering green lights.

Instead, the Sygic add-on displays a green or red light countdown timer at each traffic light.

They claim it will encourage motorists to slow down, increasing safety at intersections, reducing CO2 emissions and improve traffic flow.

Sygic CEO Martin Strigac says their artificial intelligence add-on “will have a major impact on safety and the time of arrival”.

“The kit will be continuously upgraded with additional assistance features, including detection of speed-limit signs, lanes, and obstacles on the road, and collision detection,” he says. 

“We are also exploring the idea of integrating it with rail-crossing warning systems.”

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