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Mercedes-Benz Releases Pre-Owned Marketplace Platform to Consumers

It’s happening, folks – the all-new Mercedes-Benz Direct-to-consumer Marketplace has just gone live in India!

The platform has already been around in the form of a digital shop for a while (since late April) but needed a slight upgrade in lieu of present economic restrictions. 

A report from FinancialExpress states that the Mercedes-Benz Marketplace will feature the buying and selling of pre-owned and certified Mercedes-Benz moto machines while also giving the client a more simple, transparent, and secure transaction method.

The Smart E-Scooter, from parent-company Mercedes-Benz

On top of helping the owner sell with minimal hiccups, the India-based platform will also provide the masses with a gigantic archive of pre-owned models; the pickings won’t be lean. The company has also released that there will be the option to upgrade a present vehicle. 

All told, the number of luxury vehicles for sale will contribute to the popularity of Mercedes-Benz herself since the mother company will be the officiant handling the go-betweens for each transaction. 

It is the hope of Mercedes-Benz India that the middle man will eventually be cut out for every transaction, including new model lineups.

Not only would this help with purchasing efficiency, but it would contribute to more accurate pre-order numbers and stave off delays. 

That means the up-and-coming two-wheeled options from Mercedes-Benz dealerships might also be on the list!

Winner winner, chicken dinner (hint: Mercedes-Benz has just struck a deal with MV Agusta…to be continued).

Stay tuned for more news in this sector, and check out what MV Agusta’s been up to lately.

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