Lucas Films And Yamaha Create Star Wars-Themed Rides For Brazil

As an avid motorcyclist, I’m not typically one to hop aboard a 15 hp, 150cc scooter with a look of excited anticipation…but as an avid Star Wars nerd, I have promised to zip it and save my opinions on the dark side after I try one of these buggers out in person. 

Yamaha has partnered with Lucas Films to create two seriously stylish Star Wars-themed scooters, currently only available in Brazil. 

According to a report from Yahoo, the scooters are available in two editions – Galactic Empire and Rebel Alliance.

While Yamaha makes no promises as to the futuristic potential of these themed motors, the NMAX 160 ABS does sport the typical headlight-mounted front apron with LED headlight, raised windscreen, high-set handlebars, single-piece seat with pillion grab rail, and a digital instrument console – with everything stacked on blacked-out designer wheels. 

With only 680 units being released, it might be a good idea to check availability for some serious scoots about the solar system.

A bit of advice for Yamaha – next time, we need a stormtrooper theme. It’s the only way to be guaranteed not to hit anything.

May the force be with the Yamaha Motor Company.

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