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Honda Reveals the NT1100: A Smaller African Twin for the Masses

It’s official – Honda Motor Company Ltd. has just dropped their anticipated adventure bike – and considering we covered the signed European type-approval documents earlier this year (with the official EU press release revealed a scant four hours ago), we’re digging the speed that this beastie was popped out. 

The Honda NT1100 is a sight bit lighter than we were thinking, but no less the package deal that Honda promised. Posted by both MCN and Honda’s EU Press Release as having a Kerb weight of 238kg (248kg with DCT), the NT1100 is powered by the 1084cc SOHC 8-valve parallel twin-cylinder engine from Honda’s Africa Twin, with the clever addition of intakes and exhaust additions to beef up the mid-range torque and calm down the peak torque.  

The end result? A beastie that boasts 100.5bhp @ 7250rpm and 75 ft-lbs of torque @ 6250rpm – compared to the 2021 African Twin (which by contrast weighs 227kg and carries 101.0hp @ 7500rpm and 77.0 ft-lbs of torque @ 6250rpm), this machine is slightly heavier with slightly more yoink in the throttle at middling speeds. 

To complement the power aesthetic, Honda has dressed the NT1100 in a set of panniers – narrow by comparison to the Africa Twin – alongside the potential for different bag setups via Honda’s proffered Urban Pack Voyage Pack and Touring Pack. 

Other features of the NT1100 include the 20.4L fuel tank capacity, a slightly shorter suspension with 17” wheels lowering the whole bike by over an inch, the potential for a quick shifter/autoblipper, and Honda’s catering to the adventure touring sector via “wind deflecting bodywork with a five-position screen designed to divert air over and around the rider.”

If you’re still comparing this model to the Africa Twin, expect the same deal in the electronics department, with “ lean-sensitive traction control, cornering ABS and wheel control. There are also three riding modes as standard plus two that offer user-customization…and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for navigation, music, and calls.”

“At Honda, we have a long tradition of catering for owners who desire a ‘traditional’ touring bike,” says Koji Kiyono, Large Project Leader of the NT1100. 

“Our previous Pan European and Deauville models have enjoyed a very loyal following for many years. So, when it came time to design a new touring model, we wanted to produce something that would resonate – and appeal broadly – to these traditional touring bike customers. But we also wanted to stoke desire in riders of all ages and tastes who are looking for a genuinely new and versatile fun bike.”

“That’s why we’ve created our new NT1100, offering thoroughly modern engine performance, a fun-to-handle chassis, a suite of modern technology, and completely fresh, distinctive styling. We sincerely hope that many new owners will try exploring to the maximum all of its many capabilities.”

The NT1100 will be in EU dealerships by January 2022, with the base model hitting the bank at £11,999, and the DCT version chopping a bit higher at £12,999.

Make sure to come back for updates, and check out other adventure bikes by Honda (or just take a gander at the photo gallery we’ve tossed in for you below).

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