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HJC RPHA 91 Carbon Modular Weighs Just 1.6kg And Offers Top Notch Touring Features


For those seeking top-tier quality with the HJC brand, the RPHA series stands out, with the RPHA 91 Carbon offering a lightweight, yet comfortable and safe helmet option.

Following the gradual implementation of the ECE 22.06 helmet standard starting in 2022, HJC embarked on a comprehensive overhaul of its helmet lineup. At the pinnacle of its touring range sits the RPHA 91, now available in a sleek Carbon edition. This iteration represents a lighter and more advanced version of the premium RPHA 91 introduced in 2023, distinguished by its lightweight shell construction.

The RPHA 91 Carbon employs PIM Evo matrix technology in its shell construction, which not only reduces weight but also enhances protection and safety. Carbon fiber’s exceptional impact absorption and dissipation properties contribute to the helmet’s lightweight design, with a weight of approximately 1,600 grams (1.6kg) for a size M. The carbon shell is available in four sizes, covering a range from XS to XXL.

In addition to its lightweight construction and premium materials, the RPHA 91 Carbon retains the high-end features of the standard model. These include HJC’s ACS ventilation system, a 3D screen with tool-free disassembly, and a Pinlock 120 anti-fog film.

The helmet also features a drop-down sun visor with adjustable settings for optimal comfort and vision. For riders who wear eyewear, the internal foam includes cutouts, and the helmet is designed to accommodate HJC’s smart communicator system.

As for pricing and availability, the HJC RPHA 91 Carbon is priced differently in specific markets, as such prices may vary depending on your location. But just for reference, the Carbon commands a premium price starting at 699.99 euros, or approximately MYR3595 for plain versions. The helmet is offered in plain black as well as graphic options featuring red and white color schemes, with graphic variants retailing for 779.90 euros, or about MYR4000.

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