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Helmet anti-fog systems for an optimal visibility

Helmet anti-fog systems ensure optimal visibility also during wintertime against humidity and cold.

If you commute by bike, it will be inevitable soon or later to ride through rain, through storm, in the mist, and maybe even while it snows. Che sia una pioggerella leggera e continua o un acquazzone improvviso, a tutti i motociclisti capita prima o poi di guidare sotto la pioggia.

In order to make your trip safe and more comfortable, besides wearing warm waterproof gear and clothing, it’s important also that your visor won’t fog up reducing visibility.

The visor fogging happens, primarily, because of the temperature difference outside and inside the helmet. When it’s cold outside and humidity levels go beyond a point, the visor starts to fog up, endangering the rider’s vision.

To prevent your helmet from fogging up, the best solution is an anti-fog system. Let’s find out what’s it all about. Scopriamo insieme di cosa si tratta.

How to prevent visor from fogging up?

To prevent the condensation from occurring, an option it could be to get an anti-fog spray specifically designed for this purpose, but while they are easier to apply, the effectiveness doesn’t last long, requiring frequent visor spraying.

An effective and long-lasting option is an anti-fog insert to fit to your visor. Among the most popular anti-fog lens are Pinlock and Fog City

Pinlock anti-fog lens

These anti-fog inserts are transparent lenses made from a moisture-absorbing material with a silicone seal that is secured to the internal side of the visor with pins to create an ‘air-tight’ chamber in order to prevent the visor from fogging or misting.

How to install Pinlock anti-fog lens

No worries to damage the visor, here we’ll explain step by step how to install the insert properly and very easily just by following our instructions:

Take the visor off the helmet according to the instruction manual
Clean the internal part of the visor with water and mild soap and dry it using a non-abrasive cloth in order to avoid the chances of scratching the surface of your visor.
Slightly and gently bend the visor flat and then fit in the Pinlock lens into the lateral pins with the silicon seal facing the inside on the visor.
Remove the yellow protective film from the lens
Fit the visor back on the helmet

Please note that all anti-fog Pinlock and Fog City lenses offered by Caberg come with the step-by-step installation instruction in the package.

Caberg helmets & anti-fog lens

Depending on the helmet model, Caberg offers different type of anti-fog lens:

Pinlock 30
Pinlock 70
Pinlock 70 Max Vision, which offers a greater field of vision whilst providing greater coverage for fog resistance.

The main difference between the Pinlock 30 and 70 lenses is the thickness that on the 70 lens is thicker, therefore with an extended fog resistant endurance.

Caberg LEVO with Pinlock Max Vision lens

Would you like to learn more about Caberg helmets models and relative antifog lens available?

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