EngineHawk: Fall Collection Revealed Along with Site-Wide Black Friday Discounts

Ruroc‘s Motorcycle gear line has just announced a site-wide sale in commemoration of Black Friday – and as if the 30% discount weren’t enough, they’ve also given us three sweet items to add to the wardrobe.

Based out of the UK, EngineHawk is on a mission “to revolutionize the motorcycle apparel industry. We make gear that looks better, fits better, and performs better.” To that effect, the brand has managed to create a stylish – yet protective and functional – gear collection that suits Ruroc’s helmets to a tee.

EngineHawk’s official website states that their Black Friday sale features up to 30% off in discounts (with up to $130 off certain items) and will only be in effect for three more days, after which point everything returns to normal, and the drool-worthy leathers are hiked back to the regular price.

The all-new fall collection that’s just dropped contains three items: the MOTHER TRUCKER jacket, COMBAT shirt, and TACTICAL gilet (or vest) – the latter two of which go swimmingly when you purchase as a pair. 

The website also boasts high-quality protection in all of their jackets. With material from Europe’s biggest manufacturer of PPE CE-approved armor, SASTEC, Enginehawk has managed to create a triple flex level 1 (and 2) for the back of their jackets, as well as shoulder and elbow armor to ensure safety above style, always. 

Check out the photo gallery below if you’re curious about the new 2021 fall collection, and make sure to also head over to Enginehawk’s official website to take advantage of the discounts.

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