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DUKE EVO: The brand-new Caberg flip up helmet

Very comfortable, ECE 22.06 homologated, and with a modern and bold design: The brand-new Caberg flip up helmet has all the features to win you over!

Are you a touring addict? Is a flip-up model your ideal helmet type? Then, we are sure that the name “DUKE” doesn’t sound new to you.

In fact, it was back in 2012, when Caberg launched a new flip-up helmet that gained many motorcyclist fans thanks to its characteristics:

High level of safety
Excellent value for money
Compact dimension and weight
Bold and unique look

Now, let’s leave the past behind and look forward into Caberg 2023 news!

The brand-new DUKE EVO flip up helmet is the result of the idea of Caberg to give a modern twist to the already well-known Duke model while maintaining the great safety standards and comfort.

The brand-new DUKE EVO flip-up helmet: Comfort and safety on every journey.

When it comes to personal safety, there is no playing with it, and we, at Caberg, are very concerned and careful about it. In fact, our brand-new DUKE EVO helmet meets the high safety requirements set by the latest EU regulation ECE 22.06

Besides, the EU regulation ECE 22.06 is also approved P/J and this means that you may ride with your helmet in the 2 configurations allowed that are:

P configuration (“protective”) with the chin guard closed,
J configuration (“jet”) with the chin guard open.

By selecting the P/J red lever on the left side of the shell, is possible to raise the chin guard and safely block it in the maximum open position, therefore preventing accidental closing while riding.

Easy-to use chin guard P/J selector

Besides, the DUKE EVO allows you to enjoy every single journey with comfort, thanks to:

Compact dimension and excellent weight (1600kg) compared to the standard flip-up helmets on the market;
Transpiring and hypoallergenic fabrics with cheek pads developed with 3D technology to offer a better adherence to the face especially while riding with the chin guard open;
An efficient helmet ventilation, individually maneuverable on top and on the chin guard.
Double Visor Tech system and anti-scratch, an integrated sunshade visor and outer shell equipped with the Pinlock Max Vision Lens.

Wireless communication with DUKE EVO and PRO SPEAK EVO

Whether you like to ride as a group and you need to be able to communicate with your fellow motorcycle riders or you prefer to ride on your own but with music playing in the background, the DUKE EVO with the PRO SPEAK EVO wireless communication system will meet your needs.

The DUKE EVO is prepared to be equipped with the Caberg PRO SPEAK EVO wireless communication system, that provides the user with easy access to music, GPS navigation, phone, or intercom.

PRO SPEAK EVO communication system

To ensure maximum safety, the DUKE EVO helmet has passed all the requirements set by the EU regulation ECE 22.06 also with the Caberg PRO SPEAK EVO communication system installed.

Express your character with the DUKE EVO

After seeing the safety and practical aspects of the DUKE EVO, let’s now talk about the look and designs.

With an aggressive and modern design, the DUKE EVO is the ideal flip-up helmet for those who like to express their bold attitude.

The DUKE EVO is available in different colors versions and graphic designs to meet everyone’s taste:

Solid colors (Matt black, White metal, Matt blue, and Matt anthracite)

Move (in 4 color combinations)

Rusty (an exclusive handmade color finish version)

Well, now you just need to choose your favorite color version!

Find out more about all the features and colors available of our brand-new DUKE EVO at: 

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