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Ducati Headquarters Subject of Armed Raid by FBI

According to news released by, it has been confirmed that the San Francisco FBI was onsite at the Ducati North America headquarters. This news comes over a month after the initial raid by the FBI that took place on December 17th, 2020. 

The specifics of the FBI’s investigations into Ducati North America are still under wraps, though sources of Asphalt & Rubber say high-ranking Ducati officials were also paid a visit relative to the court-ordered FBI investigation. 

According to a forum thread on BARF (Bay Area Riders Forum) from January 7th, 2020, there were reports of over 30 armed FBI agents on site of the Mountain View, California-based Ducati headquarters. Shawn, a moderator (elskipador) of BARF, said to be a contractor for Ducati was present during the raid. He was one of 2-3 employees onsite at the time as the majority are working from home due to the global pandemic. 

When speculation broke out on the forum of the alleged raid, Shawn said “Oh it happened………… I was there. Never been so scared in my life!”. When a forum user made a comment regarding the hilarity of the thread, Shawn responded “Definitely not a joke & it wasn’t funny when a few pistols were pointed at my face.”. Within 24 hours of the thread going live, Shawn said he received a call stating that he had been fired from the Italian based company. The whole thread can be seen here – Bay Area Riders Forum

Further details have not been released regarding the FBI’s investigation into Ducati. It will be tough to say when details will be made public but we will update you as soon as we can.

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