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Custom your Caberg helmet with mirror visors

Mirror Visors are available in different colors such as silver, gold, and rainbow, and their coating attracts attention and makes the helmet visually very cool.

You have just purchased a new helmet, that fits your head and perfectly meets your needs and taste. In short, you are ready to tackle the road and enjoy great adventures with your brand-new travel companion.

So, what’s missing? Why not customize your helmet to better express your personality and make a statement! If you’d like to get an additional special visor, lets’ find out in this article, what are the mirrored visors available.

Mirror Visors: the features

Perhaps the most fashionable of all, mirror visors not only make your helmet visually more captivating and different form the others, but their coating is also highly functional. The mirror visors in fact, block UVA and UVB rays, relieving the strain on vision and reduce eye fatigue of the driver on sunny days.

One of the most problematic riding situations bikers face is the bright light of a setting or rising sun; that’s why in these situations the mirrored visor can be very helpful by reflecting the maximum amount of light, allowing only a small fraction of light to pass through it.

Besides offering protection, the mirrored visors enhance the aesthetics of the helmet. There are different type and colors such as mirrored Silver, mirrored Gold, and multicolor/rainbow.

Whether you opt for a mirrored visor, we recommend you to first verify the possibility to use it on the road in accordance with the law; In fact, not all the colored visors have the homologation for the use on the road, but only on private or public racetrack. This important information can be found inside the visor package and it is essential to follow it in accordance of the law.

Caberg mirror visors:

Are you looking for a tinted visor for your helmet? Here’s a list of the visors available for Caberg models.

Caberg helmets feature a clear anti- scratch visor, and most of the time also the anti-fog Pinlock lens and an integrated sunshade visor in order to grant optimum visibility, protection primarily to the eyes, prevents stones, insects, rain/moisture and other troubles that may occur along the way depending on weather conditions.

Caber offers as spare parts, various colored visors available for the majority of the helmets in our range.

There are two main categories of tinted visors with different levels of light transmittance:

Darkly tinted Visors
Mirrored Visors

Dark visor and mirrored visor


The mirror visors are available for some of Caberg full-face and open face models.

Such as:

For the DRIFT EVO full-face helmet there are available the Silver and Gold mirrored visors

For the AVALON full-face helmet there are available the Silver and Gold mirrored visors

For the FLYON open face helmet there are available the Silver and Gold mirrored visors

For the GHOST open face helmet there are available the Silver, the Gold, and multicolor/rainbow mirrored visors


So, either if you have been looking for a full-face helmet or an open face for your daily urban commute, you will be able to find the perfect Caberg visor that matches your personal style

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