CRS-01: SOLID EV Rides’s Boxy Brainchild

A Netherlands-based company has just released their first production-ready electric motorbike to the masses – and to say it’s “solid” is the understatement of the season. 

Previously known as NXT Motors, SOLID EV Rides is a European company committed to experience and excitement in every product release, with as minimal of an environmental footprint as possible. 

SOLID’s first concept bike, an EV model called the RAGE (produced back when the company name was NXT Motors), was premiered at the Motorbeurs in Utrecht two years ago in 2019.

Take a look below:

A side profile of the RAGE, a motorcycle created by NXT Motors, now SOLID EV Rides.

Not bad for an engine encased by a complete monocoque frame made of carbon fiber and high-quality parts. 

Despite the fact that the Rage was a concept bike, EVnerd guesstimated the price of this bullet-style babe to be around 24,950 – again, reasonably priced. 

Now, they’ve taken the elements of the RAGE, added in one or two handfuls of environmentally-conscious material, a love for 90-degree angles… and presto. 

According to a report from RideApart, the CRS-01 is already available for test rides through their website registration form.

Full spec details (or pricing) have yet to be released, though we DO know that it is powered by a 100V, 21.5kWh battery and is labeled an environmentally-friendly bike that does not compromise on the funner bits of riding. 

“We call it ‘Legitimately Rebellious’ – a fully electric, environmentally friendly motorbike that does not compromise on badass qualities like power, speed, and torque,” says David Backx, marketing manager of SOLID EV Rides. 

“We guarantee our customers a great experience.”

The company still has to run a couple of tests before it can take to the roads; once that point passes, expect this baddie to head straight for the European markets.


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