CCM: Hollywood’s New Favorite Celebrates Golden Jubilee With Two New Bikes

The past four years have been very generous to CCM.

Since the release of the CCM Spitfire in 2017, the company has seen a huge jump in success (When Hollywood action films like Black Widow and Infinite are riding your bikes, it stands to reason there’d be a perk here and there). 

Now, with the company’s 50th anniversary, we have been graced with two new editions to the showroom – both of the motorcycles are new members of the Spitfire family and ready to hit the road. 

According to a report from MCN, the two bikes are a Street Tracker and a Street Moto. Both bikes will have the trademark 600cc single of the Spitfire, with the weight sitting like a feather at less than 150kg (330lb) and the power potential for 55bhp and 43lb/ft of torque. 

The Tracker will feature 19-inch wheels, while the Moto will have a set of 17-inch Avon Ultra 3D. Both bikes will also have a full list of nostalgia, complete with number boards, blacked-out components, radiator guards, and a new cowl with carbon infills, a semi-perforated double ribbed saddle, and mid-position scrambler bars. 

The two editions will come in four available colors and will sell for the neat price of £10,995 OTR. 

The bikes will also see some dirt time at the Goodwood Festival of Speed (GFS), where Dougie Lampkin – 12-time world trials champion – will purportedly be performing a wheelie up a hill on one of these beauties. 

Stay tuned for the updates, as I expect the new GFS reveal of the cherry-red limited edition made by CCM in collaboration with Red Bull will sell for a pretty penny.


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