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Caberg’s open-face models

 An open-face or jet helmet can be the ideal solution for frequent and short rides especially during hot season. Find out here all the Caberg 2024 open-face models available.

Do you usually use a scooter for commuting to work? Is a motorcycle your favorite way to get around the city? Well, if the answer is yes, we are pretty sure that the one of key features your helmet needs to have, is practical use.

Especially, if you are used to wear your helmet on a daily basis, your helmet must be comfortable and if possible, not too bulky; that’s why, an open- face helmet, also knowns as jet helmet, can be a winning choice!

Usually an open-face helmet is lighter and smaller compared to a full-face model; that’s why it’s the ideal helmet model for those who have to deal with everyday urban traffic, but also pleasant touring gateways.

Let’s find out more about all the characteristics of the Caberg jet helmets of the 2024 collection.

Advantages of open-face motorcycle & scooter helmets:

When it comes to searching a helmet for urban commuting, the choice is always a jet helmet; Why is that so?

Open-face helmets are:

Very practical to use;
Lighter than full-face models
Smaller dimension compared to other helmets models, and they fit under the seat storage.

These features make the open face the ideal helmets for frequent and short commute rides. Additionally, they are practical and more comfortable to use especially during the hot season, as they ensure more air circulation.

The Flyon II jet model in action


A jet helmet cannot be just smaller and lighter, but it’s important that it also grants:

Safety: jet helmets must be homologated according to the mandatory standards (all Caberg helmets are certified by ECE 22.06) to grant you always protection;
Resistance: your helmet must be made from resistant and high-quality materials to grant more durability and higher protection;
Comfort: it’s very important also the good quality of the fabrics of the liner.

Small dimension, lightweight and many captivating graphic versions, make the open-face the prefect helmet for your safe daily urban use.

Caberg offers various open-face models, all certified by ECE 22.06. Let’s find out all the characteristics.

Caberg open-face models collection 2024

As result of 50 years of experience, in the 2024 collection, Caberg presents various open face models that perfectly combine innovative design, high comfort and protection.


The FLYON II is Caberg’s top of the range jet helmet. It features a wide anti-scratch and anti-fog visor, an integrated sunshade visor, and a liner, made with the best hypoallergenic and transpiring fabrics to grant maximum freshness. It’s the ideal model not only for urban use, but also for longer routes.




With an original and aggressive look, the GHOST X is the ideal alternative for riders who don’t want to go unnoticed. It can be used in 4 different configurations.

GHOST X Carbon

SOHO (available from May 2024)

The SOHO is one of the news in the Caberg 2024 helmet collection. It offers a great air circulation even at low speed, and it’s equipped with an integrated sunshade visor easily maneuverable with gloves. The SOHO features also a long clear anti-scratch visor that covers properly your entire face.

SOHO Milano



An elegant and vintage look for the FREERIDE X: the small shell sized open-face helmet with a weight of only 800 grams.




Thanks to the compact dimension and innovative and elegant look, the RIVIERA V4 X is the ideal travel companion for your everyday riding. It is available in many captivating colors and graphic versions.



Well, now that you have learned more about open-face helmets, you just have to check out all Caberg’s models available and choose which is the best for you.

Here, more information about Caberg open-face 2024 collection.

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