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2023 Energica Experia Electric Tourer | First Look Review

Energica Motor Company, the Italian electric motorcycle company that offered its first production bike in 2013, will release its model year 2023 lineup at EICMA, taking place Nov. 10-13. While we know we’ll see several returning models, the star of Energica’s 2023 lineup will be the new Experia, the company’s first zero-emissions electric green tourer.

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The first generation of Energica Motor Company featured the Ego, a racing-style competition motorcycle; the Eva, a naked version of the Ego with a more comfortable seating position; and the EsseEsse9, a relaxed and classic casual rider. Over 10 years, the company upgraded and expanded these three motorcycles, adding the Ego+, Ego RS, Eva Ribelle, Eva Ribelle RS, EsseEsee9+, and EsseEsse9+ RS.

The Experia will be the first model of a new generation for Energica. As a long-distance tourer, the Experia will truly be something different than what the company has done so far. Giampiero Testoni, CTO of Energica Motor Company, said the intention behind the Experia was “to create the first electric motorcycle created specifically for long-distance bike lovers.”

While electric bikes have been sprouting up all over for several years, there are obvious drawbacks, such as short ranges and a lack of charging stations. An electric tourer is an ambitious project for Energica, so we’ll see how it holds up to rider expectations.

Here’s what we know so far.

Energica Experia Motor and Battery

Electric means no shifting or clutch, no noise from the exhaust, no heat, and less vibrations, all of which can be considered advantages over internal combustion bikes. But does an electric motor offer comparable performance? We’re seeing advances all the time, and Energica’s new motor is certainly a step in the right direction.

The Experia features the new PMASynRM (Permanent Magnet Assisted Synchronous Reluctance Motor), which is lighter weight and in a lower position than on other Energica models. Energica claims the motor’s peak power as 75 kW (101 hp) at 7,500 rpm with 85 lb-ft of torque. Top speed is stated to be 112 mph, and the bike reportedly accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in 3.5 seconds.

The battery is also new, with the largest capacity of any Energica model so far. The capacity sits at 22.5 kWh maximum and will charge from 0-80% in 40 minutes on Level 3 chargers. This is also the first model to use Level 3 chargers, although it will also use Level 2 and 1 chargers for a longer, overnight charge.

The big question when it comes to an electric touring motorcycle has to be what kind of range the bike offers. Energica claims the Experia will get 153 miles of city/highway range combined or 261 miles in urban areas. This is a big step up from the 100 mile combined and 123 mile city range of the 2022 Ego, and the ability to use Level 3 fast charging is certainly beneficial for those seeking longer adventures.

Suspension and Brakes

In front of the Energica is the ZF Sachs suspension with 150mm travel and adjustable preload, extension, and compression. Rear suspension is also ZF Sachs with 55mm travel and 150mm of wheel travel. The Experia will feature a 330mm Brembo double floating disc for the front brake and a 240mm Brembo single disc in the back.

The Pirelli Scorpion Trail II tires ride on 17-inch aluminum wheels. Seat height is 33.3 inches, and the weight of the Experia is 573 lb.


The Experia will also feature electronic assists such as cruise control, six levels of traction control, and four riding modes: Eco, Urban, Rain, and Sport. There are two USB ports on the dash and two in a waterproof storage compartment, so riders should never run out of ports to plug in their devices (just be careful not to unnecessarily drain that battery).

No touring motorcycle would be complete without plenty of storage. The Launch Edition Experia comes with hard side panniers and a top case for a total of 29.5 gallons of storage.

Is the Energica Experia Worth It?

It’s clear that Energica is dedicated to expanding the horizons of electric motorcycles. While some might think the range is still not quite there to make an electric touring bike worth the price, the technology is advancing every year, and the 2023 Experia is a testimony to that.

The Experia is available for preorder for $25,880 in Bormio Ice. Visit Energica’s website for more information.

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